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Living Orchid Garden

We specialse in living Orchid gardens. We  have a real passion and long term experience in these gorgeous displays.  We can help you with everything from getting started to monthly maintance. 

Living Orchid Garden Purple Sarasota Florida.jpg


Getting Started

We can help get you started on your journey.

We are passionate about orchids and have been growing our own for decades. Let us help you start your own garden. 


Regular Maintenance plan

While these are a low maintenance plant we can come help you with orchid care every few months or when best suits your plant. 

Living orchid garden white
Living Orchid Garden Photo


Orchid Garden as a gift

We have ready to go orchids most of the time please contact us to discuss. 


Grow your own

If you grow your own living orchid garden, we can help.  

Please make contact. 

living orchid garden pink
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